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Bellpulls/Quilt Holders

Craft holders from Ackfeld Wire, used for cross stitch, quilting, needle point and general crafts.

Stitcher's Place is excited about adding the Ackfeld craft holders to our inventory.  They are a great way to display to your cross stitch projects.  Many of the designers have used these craft holders for finishing their cross stitch designs.

The items below are now instock. 

Ackf-2497, Sku:1575-Ackf-2497$6.25

Ackfeld Craft Holder - 7.5" dowel holder with heart

Ackf-WaterCan, Sku:1576-Ackf-WaterCan$21.75

Ackfeld Craft Holder - 6.5" WAter can w/dowel (88067)

Ackf-DScroll, Sku:1577-Ackf-DScroll$19.00

Ackfeld Craft Holder - 8" Double Scroll Silver

Ackf-3Hearts, Sku:1578-Ackf-3Hearts$15.00

Ackfeld Wire - 15" 3 Heart Holder w/dowel This item is available instore only.

Ackf-ChrTree, Sku:1579-Ackf-ChrTree$13.25

Ackfeld Craft Holder - 6 inch Christmas Tree Split Bottom Charcoal Available End of November 2013

Out of stock
Ackf-ChrTree2, Sku:1580-Ackf-ChrTree2$13.25

Ackfeld Craft Holder - 6" Christmas Tree Split Bottom Copper Vein

Out of stock
Ackf-NeedleThrd, Sku:1581-Ackf-NeedleThrd$15.00

Ackfeld Craft Holder - 7.5 inch Needle and Thread Split Bottom Charcoal

Out of stock
Ackf-SewM, Sku:1582-Ackf-SewM$26.50

Ackfeld Craft Holder - 12" Sewing Machine Fabric Holder Silver (23697)

Ackf-MerryChr-FH, Sku:1583-Ackf-MerryChr-FH$25.50

Ackfeld Craft Holder - 12" Merry Christmas Fabric Holder Silver (24057)

Out of stock
Ackf-HollyBells12, Sku:1584-Ackf-HollyBells12$43.00

Ackfeld Craft Holder - 12" Holly N Bells Fabric Holder (70347)

Ackf-tree6, Sku:1586-Ackf-tree6$10.00

Ackfeld Craft Holder - 6" tree with 1/4 dowel gray single (66127)

Out of stock
Ackf-SnowmanSilh, Sku:1587-Ackf-SnowmanSilh$15.00

Ackfeld Craft Holders - 7.5" Snowman Silhouette Gray (87167)

Out of stock
AckF-Curly2pc, Sku:1588-AckF-Curly2pc$9.50

Ackfeld Craft Holder - 6" 2 piece curls XS grey (1917)

AckF-clips, Sku:1589-AckF-clips$2.75

Ackfeld Product - Hanger clips (clips sold individually) (86717) hanger in picture not included, clip only

AckF-4hangerhrt, Sku:1590-AckF-4hangerhrt$4.75

Ackfeld Hanger - 4" Hanger Hook Heart Grey (1317)

AckF-6hangerhrt, Sku:1591-AckF-6hangerhrt$5.75

Ackfeld Hanger - 6" Hanger Hook Heart (1067)

AckF-6hangerhrta, Sku:1592-AckF-6hangerhrta$5.75

Ackfeld Hanger - 6" Hanger Hook Heart (1067)

AckF-7.5hgrheartopen, Sku:1593-AckF-7.5hgrheartopen$6.00

Ackfeld Hanger - 7.5" hanger heart open grey (1347)

AckF-7.5hgrheart, Sku:1594-AckF-7.5hgrheart$6.50

Ackfeld Heart - 7.5" inch hanger hook heart gray. (1357)

AckF-12hgrheart, Sku:1595-AckF-12hgrheart$7.50

Ackfeld Hanger - 12" hanger hook heart grey (1147)

AckF-6x6stand, Sku:1596-AckF-6x6stand$31.50

Ackfeld Stand - 6" x 6" Scalloped Single Stand White, Minimum quantities to be available. Item available instore only.

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