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Clearance  -  Lizzie Kate Kits

Lizzie Kate Kits come either as a kit with chart, button/charm and fabric; or chart, button/charm and hand dyed threads.

Our store is  going through a re-organization, and its time to clear out some inventory. 
Watch for our clearance sale items as they come available.

In many cases, clearance sale items listed below have small quantities for sale.  In some cases,
there may be only 1 item available.

If you want to check on the availability of a chart, you can email .  Your email will
normally be answered within 24 hours.

Please note, regular shipping charges apply (as per Canada Post rates).

Clearance5 - Lizzie Kate Kit B58 Do the Right, Sku:6079-Clearance5 - Lizzie Kate Kit B58 Do the Right $14.00
Clearance5 - Lizzie Kate Kit B58 Do the Right

Lizzie Kate Kit includes chart, linen and button. B58 Do the Right Thing. Reg Price $30.00, Sale Price $14.00

Clearance6 - LK kit - a little beach, Sku:6080-Clearance6 - LK kit - a little beach$9.00
Clearance6 - LK kit - a little beach

Lizzie Kate kit includes chart, linen and charm. Reg Price - 19.25, clearance price - $9.00

Clearance7 - LK Kit Sweet Summer, Sku:6081-Clearance7 - LK Kit Sweet Summer$12.00
Clearance7  - LK Kit Sweet Summer

Lizzie Kate Kit sweet summer 2015 limited edition kit. (includes chart, linen, buttons) Reg Price - $26.00, Clearance Price $12.00

Clearance900-LizzieKateKit-Little Coffee, Sku:6203-Clearance900-LizzieKateKit-Little Coffee$11.00
Clearance900-LizzieKateKit-Little Coffee

Clearance 900 - Lizzie Kate Kit - A little coffee. Includes chart, buttons and linen fabric. Reg Price $21.00, Sale Price $11.00

Clearance901-LizzieKateKit-ALittleBaby, Sku:6204-Clearance901-LizzieKateKit-ALittleBaby$11.00

Clearance 901 - Lizzie Kate Kit - A little baby. Includes chart, charm and linen fabric. Reg Price $21.00, Sale Price $11.00

Clearance902-LizzieKateKits-ALittlesnow, Sku:6205-Clearance902-LizzieKateKits-ALittlesnow$11.00

Clearance 902 - Lizzie Kate Kit - A little Snow. Includes chart, charm and linen fabric. Reg Price $21.00, Sale Price $11.00

Clearance904-LizzieKateKits-ALittleChristmas, Sku:6206-Clearance904-LizzieKateKits-ALittleChristmas$11.00

Clearance 904 - Lizzie Kate Kit - A little Christmas. Includes chart, charm and linen fabric. Reg Price $21.00, Sale Price $11.00

Clearance905-LizzieKateKits-ALittleWedding, Sku:6207-Clearance905-LizzieKateKits-ALittleWedding$11.00

Clearance 905 - Lizzie Kate Kit - A little Wedding. Includes chart, charm and linen fabric. Reg Price $21.00, Sale Price $11.00

Clearance906-LizzieKateKit-ALittleEaster, Sku:6208-Clearance906-LizzieKateKit-ALittleEaster$11.00

Clearance 906 - Lizzie Kate Kit - A little Easter. Includes chart, charm and buttons and linen fabric. Reg Price $26.00, Sale Price $11.00

Clearance907-LizzieKateKits-chicks, Sku:6214-Clearance907-LizzieKateKits-chicks$6.25

Clearance 907 - Lizzie Kate Kits - Chicks. Includes Chart, linen, beads. Regular Price $12.50, Sale Price $6.25

Clearance908-LizzieKateKit-SummerFabfob, Sku:6215-Clearance908-LizzieKateKit-SummerFabfob$14.00

Clearance 908 - Lizzie Kate Kit - Summer Fab Fob. Includes design, fabric, embellishment and scissors (scissors as shown in image). Regular Price $27.50, Sale Price - $14.00 (only 1 item left)


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