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  Clearance - Rovaris Charts

Our in stock Rovaris charts will be 40% off.  Stitcher's Place will not be stocking any new Rovaris designs.

Check out the good deals on our in stock Rovaris items.  In many cases, there is only 1 left of the items listed below.

Clearance-Rovaris-R51, Sku:5834-Clearance-Rovaris-R51$10.80

Clearance Rovaris R51. Regular Price - $18.00, Sale Price $10.80 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-B2, Sku:5836-Clearance-Rovaris-B2$13.20

Clearance - Rovaris B2 Regular Price - $22.00, Sale Price $13.20 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R24, Sku:5838-Clearance-Rovaris-R24$9.60

Clearance Rovaris R24. Regular Price $16.00, Sale Price $9.60 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-HugTeddy, Sku:5839-Clearance-Rovaris-HugTeddy$10.80

Clearance Rovaris R104 (Hug your Teddy). Regular Price $18.00, Sale Price $10.80. (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R15, Sku:5840-Clearance-Rovaris-R15$10.80

Clearance Rovaris R15. Regular Price $18.00, Sale Price $10.80. (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-Garden, Sku:5841-Clearance-Rovaris-Garden$10.80

Clearance - Rovaris - I love my Garden Regular Price $18.00, Sale Price $10.80 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R79, Sku:5842-Clearance-Rovaris-R79$10.80

Clearance Rovaris R79. Regular Price - $18.00, Sale Price $10.80 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R77, Sku:5843-Clearance-Rovaris-R77$9.60

Clearance Rovaris R77. Regular Price $16.00, Sale Price $9.60 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R90, Sku:5851-Clearance-Rovaris-R90$9.60

Clearance Rovaris R90 Regular Price $16.00, Sale Price $9.60 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R78, Sku:5852-Clearance-Rovaris-R78$10.80

Clearance - Rovaris R78 "Noel Tree" Regular Price - $18.00, Sale Price $10.80 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R9, Sku:5853-Clearance-Rovaris-R9$9.00

Clearance - Rovaris R9 Regular Price - $15.00, Sale Price $9.00 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R59, Sku:5854-Clearance-Rovaris-R59$9.00

Clearance - Rovaris R59 Regular Price $15.00, Sale Price $9.00 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R60, Sku:5855-Clearance-Rovaris-R60$9.00

Clearance - Rovaris R60. Regular Price - $15.00, Sale Price $9.00 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R62, Sku:5856-Clearance-Rovaris-R62$10.80

Clearance Rovaris R62 (All Hearts) Regular Price $18.00, Sale Price $10.80 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R54, Sku:5857-Clearance-Rovaris-R54$9.60

Clearance - Rovaris R54 Regular Price $15.00, Sale Price $9.60 (40% off)

Clearance-Rovaris-R68, Sku:5858-Clearance-Rovaris-R68$9.60

Clearance - Rovaris R68 (Pincushion bunnies) Regular Price $16.00, Sale Price $9.60 (40% off)

  Clinton, Ontario, CANADA  N0M 1L0

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Toll Free: 1-855-531-0122

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