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Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection

Clearance2000-SCC-BelieveSnowfriends, Sku:6216-Clearance2000-SCC-BelieveSnowfriends$9.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection - Believe Snowfriends Banner. Buttons not included. Chart only. Regular Price - $18.00 cdn, Sale Price $9.00

Clearanace2001-SCC-Spring in the Village, Sku:6217-Clearanace2001-SCC-Spring in the Village$7.00
Clearanace2001-SCC-Spring in the Village

Clearance - Stoney Creek collection - Spring in the Village - chart only. Reg Price - $15.25 cdn, Sale Price - $7.00

Clearance2002-SCC-SummerintheVillage, Sku:6218-Clearance2002-SCC-SummerintheVillage$7.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek - Summer in the Village. chart only. Reg Price - $15.25 cdn, Sale Price - $7.00

Clearance2003-SCC-AutumnintheVillage, Sku:6219-Clearance2003-SCC-AutumnintheVillage$7.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection - Autumn in the Village. chart only. Reg Price $15.25 cdn, Sale Price $7.00

Clearance2005-SCC-WinterintheVillage, Sku:6220-Clearance2005-SCC-WinterintheVillage$7.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection - chart only. Winter in the Village. Reg Price - $15.75 cdn, Sale Price $7.00

Clearance2012-SCC-SewnwithLove, Sku:6227-Clearance2012-SCC-SewnwithLove$7.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection - Sewn with Love. chart only. Reg Price $15.00 cdn, Sale Price $7.00 cdn

Clearance2013-SCC-LovelyMotherinLaw, Sku:6228-Clearance2013-SCC-LovelyMotherinLaw$5.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection - Lovely Mother in Law. chart only. Reg Price cdn $10.50, sale price cdn $5.00

Clearance2014-SCC-TheresSnowPlace, Sku:6229-Clearance2014-SCC-TheresSnowPlace$5.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection. chart only. There's Snow Place Like Home. Reg Price $10.50 cdn, Sale Price cdn $5.00

Clearance2015-SCC-LetitSnowman, Sku:6230-Clearance2015-SCC-LetitSnowman$8.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection - Let it Snowman. chart only. Reg Price cdn - $16.00, Sale Price cdn $8.00

Clearance2016-SCC-ChristmasintheVillage, Sku:6231-Clearance2016-SCC-ChristmasintheVillage$8.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek - Christmas in the Village. chart only. Reg price cdn - $16.50, sale price cdn $8.00

Clearance-SCC-2006-LoveSnowfriends, Sku:6221-Clearance-SCC-2006-LoveSnowfriends$9.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection. chart only. Love Snowfriends. reg price cdn $18.00, Sale Price $9.00

Clearance2007-SCC-PeaceSnowfriends, Sku:6222-Clearance2007-SCC-PeaceSnowfriends$9.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection - Peace Snowfriends Banner. chart only. reg price cdn $18.00, sale price $8.00

Clearance2008-SCC-FrightNightFriends, Sku:6223-Clearance2008-SCC-FrightNightFriends$9.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection - Fright Night Friends. chart only. reg price cdn $18.00, sale price cdn $9.00

Clearance2009-SCC-SparkleyandWhite, Sku:6224-Clearance2009-SCC-SparkleyandWhite$7.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection. Sparkley and white. chart only. Reg price cdn $15.25, sale price cdn $7.00

Clearance2010-SCC-JoySnowfriends, Sku:6225-Clearance2010-SCC-JoySnowfriends$9.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection - Joy Snowfriends Banner. chart only. Reg Price $18.00 cdn, Sale price $9.00 cdn

Clearance2011-SCC-TannenbaumSampler, Sku:6226-Clearance2011-SCC-TannenbaumSampler$5.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek Collection - O Tannenbaum Sampler. chart only. Reg Price - $10.50 cdn , Sale price - $5.00 cdn

Clearance2017-SCC-Santawithbuttons, Sku:6232-Clearance2017-SCC-Santawithbuttons$5.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek - Santa with buttons. chart only. Buttons not included (poinsettia and christmas heart buttons not included). Reg Price cdn $12.00, sale price cdn $5.00

Clearance2018-SCC-ChristmasOrnamentsIII, Sku:6233-Clearance2018-SCC-ChristmasOrnamentsIII$5.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek - Christmas Ornaments III. chart only. Reg price cdn $13.00, Sale price cdn $5.00

Clearance2019-SCC-NoPlaceLikeHome, Sku:6234-Clearance2019-SCC-NoPlaceLikeHome$5.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek - No Place Like Home. chart only. Reg price cdn - $12.50, Sale Price cdn - $5.00

Clearance2020-SCC-ChristmasSleighinVillage, Sku:6235-Clearance2020-SCC-ChristmasSleighinVillage$5.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek - Christmas Sleigh in the Village. chart only. Reg price cdn $13.00, sale price cdn $5.00

Clearance2021-SCC-CountdowntoChristmas, Sku:6236-Clearance2021-SCC-CountdowntoChristmas$5.00

Clearance - Stoney Creek - Countdown to Christmas. chart only (holly and christmas chalkboard button not included). Reg Price $11.25 cdn, Sale price cdn $5.00


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