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Clearance sale on kits.  Kits are counted cross stitch unless otherwise stated.  There is a combination of cross stitch kits, needlepoint kits and long stitch kits.  Some of the larger kits are bulky and therefore a $5.00 additional shipping charge has been added to the kit price.  This $5.00 is in addtion to the regular shipping charge.

In most cases, each item has only 1 kit remaining.

A great deal, and they will not last long.

DimensionKit1, Sku:6107-DimensionKit1$15.00

Dimension Kit - Stack of Critters Stocking Kit contains presorted wool yarn, coton thread, 14 count light blue Aida, flet, needle and easy instructions with alphabet. Price of $15.00 includes an additional $5.00 shipping charge (due to the bulkiness of the package. $5.00 is in addition to the regular shipping charge.

Out of stock
DimensionsKit2, Sku:6108-DimensionsKit2$15.00

Dimension Kit - Rudolph Red Nose Reindeer. Clearance sale (full kit). 2 left in stock ($15.00 includes an additional $5.00 shipping charge due to the bulkiness of the package)

DimensionsKit3, Sku:6109-DimensionsKit3$15.00

Dimensions Kit - Winter Village Ornaments. Full kit. $15.00 includes a $5.00 additional shipping amount due to bulkiness of package. Kit includes: presorted thread, 16 count light blue aida, felt, needle and instructions. 1 left

DimensionsKit4, Sku:6110-DimensionsKit4$15.00

Dimensions Kit - Needlepoint Kit. Includes wool yarn, cotton thread, printed 14 mesh cotton canvas, polyester felt, needle and easy instructions with an alphabet. $15.00 includes a $5.00 additional shipping charge due to the bulkiness of the package.

Out of stock
DimensionsKit5, Sku:6111-DimensionsKit5$15.00

Dimensions Kit - Snwoman Perch Stocking - Needlepoint Kit. Includes supplies plus full color print on 12 mesh canvas. $15.00 includes an additional $5.00 for shipping due to bulkiness of package.

Out of stock
DimensionsKit6, Sku:6112-DimensionsKit6$15.00

Dimensions Kit - Cross Stitch. Christmas Beach Chairs. Full counted cross stitch kit with presorted thread, 14 count ivory Aida, needle and instructions. $15.00 includes an additional $5.00 shipping charge due to the bulkiness of the package.

DimensionsKit7, Sku:6113-DimensionsKit7$15.00

Dimensions Kit - Needlepoint Kit - Cafe on the Canal. Full kit including presorted thread, full color print on 14 count mesh canvas, needle and instructions. $15.00 includes an additional $5.00 shipping charge for bulkiness of package.

BucillaKit8, Sku:6114-BucillaKit8$7.00

Bucilla Kit - My 1st Stitch. Counted Cross Stitch Kit. Contents: 14 count white Aida, floss, chart and needle.

BucillaKit9, Sku:6115-BucillaKit9$15.00

Bucilla Kit. Counted Cross Stitch. Includes 14 count Aida, cotton floss, needle, floss separators, chart.

DesignWorks10, Sku:6116-DesignWorks10$5.00

Design Works Kit - counted cross stitch kit. Kit contains 5" x 5" printed mat, 14 count aida cloth, floss, needle and instructions. 2 items left

VervacoKit11, Sku:6117-VervacoKit11$7.00

Vervaco Kit - Long Stitch. Includes preprinted canvas, thick acrylic yarn, needle.

VervacoKit12, Sku:6118-VervacoKit12$7.00

Vervaco Kit - Long Stitch. Includes printed canvas, thick acrylic yarn and needle.

VervacoKit13, Sku:6119-VervacoKit13$10.00

Vervaco Kit Long Stitch Kit. Includes: Printed canvas, yarn and needle. 2 left

DimensionsKit14, Sku:6120-DimensionsKit14$20.00

Dimensions Kit - Gold Collection Petites. Contains: 18 count ivory Aida, presorted cotton thread, needle and instructions. Includes $5.00 additional shipping due to bulkiness of package.

TheaGouverneur15, Sku:6121-TheaGouverneur15$25.00

Thea Gouverneur Kit - counted cross stitch. Kit includes: 16 count aida cloth, floss, chart and needle.

  Ontario, CANADA

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