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Lizzie Kate (small charts)

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Lizzie Kate Charts (small size - Snippets)
Clearance Price $4.00 (unless otherwise shown)

Happy Hoppy Easter (S01)
Miracles Happen (S02)
Bless Our Family (S09)
Love is Best (S10)
Love My Dog (S11)
#1 Dad (S15)
Plumpkin (S18)
Summer Sampler (S25)
Bless the Graduate (S27)
Sons are a Special Joy (S29)
Summer ABC's (S31)
Autumn ABC's (S32) - Sold Out
Spring ABC's (S34)
You have Stolen My Heart (S37)
Follow Your Heart (S39)
God Bless America (S40)
Friendship Begins (S41)
My Other Car is a Broom (S42). Sold
Gather a Harvest (S43)
Wanted - Santa '02 (S44). Sold
Cross Stitcher in Residence (S46)
Bless Our Home (S47)
Life's a Stitch (S48)
Welcome Friends (S51)
Spring Basket (S52)
Summer Basket (S53)
Hooray for the USA (S54)
Autumn Basket (S55)
Treat Time (S56)
Winter Basket (S58)
Welcome Tooth Fairy (S59)
Here Comes Santa Claus - Santa '05 (S60)
Home is where Our Story Begins (S62)
Happy New Year (S63)
Let Freedom Ring (S64)
Is It Too Late? (S68)
Work Pray Trust (S69)
Welcome Baby (S70)
Just Married! (S71)
Good Things (S72)
'Tis the Season - Santa '07 (S74)
Ask Me About My Grandkids (S75)
Be Mine Valentine (S77)
Hop Squared (S78)
Peace Love and a Cure (S79)
USA Squared (S80)
Housework Never Killed Anyone (S81)
Hocus Pocus (S82)
Fall Squared (S83)
Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle (S84)
Santa's Got the Goods (S85)
Wear a Smile (S86)
Just Text Me (S87)
Stitching Forever (S88)
I'll Get My Elves on That - Santa 2009 (S89) sold
Prayer Connection (S91)
Cleaning the House (S92)
Socks & Underwear - Santa S2010 (S93)
Snowman '10 (S94)
Forgive Quickly (S95)
Land that I Love (S96)
Live Laugh Love (S97)
Farm Sampler (S98) - Sold Out
Wine a Bit (S99)
Flora McSample 2011 Ornament (S101). Sold
Getting Old! (S102)
Do What Your Wife Said! (S103)
Flora McSample 2012 Ornament (S105). Sold
Spring String (S106). Sold
Buzzy String (S107). Sold
Spooky String (S108). Sold
Thankful String (S109) sold
Merry String (S110) sold
Doggy String (S113)
Kitty String (S114)
Jolly Round & Kind - Santa '14 (S115)
Sled Dudes (S116)
Collect Moments (S118)
Do Small Things with Great Love (S119)
Nevermore (S120)
Night Before Christmas Sleds (S121) Sold
Celebrate! '15 (S122)
I Can Drive a Stick (S123)
Grateful Thankful Blessed (S124)
For We Walk by Faith (S125)
Old School - Santa 2016 (S127)
Wise Men Still Seek Him (S130)
Home is the Nicest Word There Is (S131)
The Elves Did It - Santa '17 (S132)
Nutcracker Sleds (S133) - sold
Stocking Sleds (S134)

Quick-It Charts:
Clearance Price $4.00 each

Q-001 Sampling Halloween
Q-002 Sampling Christmas
Q-003 Dogs Leave Paw Prints
Q-004 Live Simply
Q-005 Sampling Easter
Q-006 Sampling Thanksgiving
Q-007 Be Naughty
Q-008 Where's the Party
Q-009 Strawberry Sampler - sold
Q-011 Merry Little Stockings


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