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Oops!  Made an error discount should be 40%.  Big clearance sale on in stock Rovaris charts. Stitcher's Place will no longer be carrying the Rovaris charts.  Great deal on instock charts.

Rovaris Charts now  40% off ( 25% off) the price shown below.  Limited quantities of each design (in some cases only 1 available).

Orders to be placed by telephone (519-650-2210/1-855-531-0122) or email ( 

Rovaris-R68, Sku:5237-Rovaris-R68$16.00

Rovaris - R68 (Bunny Designs)

Rovaris-ForeverFriends, Sku:5238-Rovaris-ForeverFriends$15.00

Rovaris - Forever Friends (Stitch count: 165 x 152)

Rovaris-R36, Sku:5239-Rovaris-R36$20.00

Rovaris R-36 (3 hearts) Stitch Count: 221 x 225

Rovaris-R71, Sku:5240-Rovaris-R71$19.50

Rovaris R-71 "A Home is not complete without a Cat". Stitch Count: 157 x 150

Rovaris-R62, Sku:5241-Rovaris-R62$18.00

Rovaris - R62 All hearts come home for Christmas. Stitch Count: 248 x 190

Rovaris-R78, Sku:5242-Rovaris-R78$18.00

Rovaris - R78 Noel, Natale, Christmas

Rovaris-R91, Sku:5243-Rovaris-R91$18.00

Rovaris - R91 Stitch Count: 559 x 50

Rovaris-R60, Sku:5244-Rovaris-R60$15.00

Rovaris R60 - Heart with Christmas and Reindeer. Stitch Count: 150 x 135

Rovaris-R15, Sku:5245-Rovaris-R15$18.00

Rovaris R15 - Christmas. Stitch Count: 307 x 96.

Rovaris-R59, Sku:5246-Rovaris-R59$15.00

Rovaris R59 - Biscornu/Pincushions.

Rovaris-R75, Sku:5247-Rovaris-R75$18.00

Rovaris - R75 Welcome. Stitch Count: 66 x 70.

Rovaris-R1, Sku:5248-Rovaris-R1$19.50

Rovaris - R1 Paris.

Rovaris-R54, Sku:2847-Rovaris-R54$15.00

Rovaris - R54

Rovaris-R77, Sku:2848-Rovaris-R77$18.00

Rovaris R-77; Heart design for message board

Rovaris-R8, Sku:2849-Rovaris-R8$18.00

Rovaris - R8; Benvenuti

Rovaris-R79, Sku:2850-Rovaris-R79$18.00

Rovaris - R79; Noel hearts

Rovaris-R9, Sku:2851-Rovaris-R9$15.00

Rovaris R9; Christmas heart

Rovaris-R60, Sku:2852-Rovaris-R60$15.00

Rovaris - R60; Reindeer Christmas Heart

Rovaris-R62, Sku:2853-Rovaris-R62$18.00

Rovaris R62; All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

Rovaris-R63, Sku:2855-Rovaris-R63$18.00

Rovaris - R63; I love my garden, Stitch Count: 256 x 120

Rovaris-R110, Sku:2856-Rovaris-R110$18.50

Rovaris - R110; ABC Stitching; Stitch Count: 478 x 71

Rovaris-R32, Sku:2857-Rovaris-R32$18.50

Rovaris - R32; ABC Cats; Stitch Count: 525 x 46

Rovaris-R51, Sku:2858-Rovaris-R51$18.00

Rovaris - R51; Mountain's House; Stitch Count: 65 x 364

Rovaris - R104, Sku:5249-Rovaris - R104$18.00
Rovaris - R104

Rovaris - R104 Hug Your Teddy. Stitch Count: 224 x 192

Rovaris-B2, Sku:5250-Rovaris-B2$22.00

Rovaris - B2 Stitch Count: 288 x 240.

Rovaris-R24, Sku:5251-Rovaris-R24$16.00

Rovaris - R24

Rovaris-R105, Sku:5252-Rovaris-R105$16.00

Rovaris - R105. Heart with houses

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