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What's New at Stitcher's Place   - April 2017

Here are some Brenda Gervais, Plum Street, and Country Cottage to name a few.

CCN-SpringinYourStep, Sku:5586-CCN-SpringinYourStep$14.00

Country Cottage Needleworks - Spring in Your Stp. Stitch Count 113 x 82.

HOD-HensBirds, Sku:5587-HOD-HensBirds$17.50

Hands on Designs - 12 Days - Hens & Birds

HOD-WellHello, Sku:5588-HOD-WellHello$24.50

Hands on Designs - Well Hello There. Desigsn for each month of the year. Buttons sold separately.

HOD-TulipHouse, Sku:5589-HOD-TulipHouse$21.00

Hands on Design - Tulip House. (Chalk for the Home Series)

BrendaGervais-QuakerHandework, Sku:5590-BrendaGervais-QuakerHandework$21.00

Brenda Gervais - Quaker Handework

BrandaGervais-BerryDaysThistleDownFarm, Sku:5591-BrandaGervais-BerryDaysThistleDownFarm$21.00

Brenda Gervais - Berry Days at Thistle Down Farm.

BrendaGervais-Bloom, Sku:5592-BrendaGervais-Bloom$21.00

Brenda Gervais - Bloom (Bloom where you're planted)

BrendaGervais-Essamplaire-Collection1, Sku:5593-BrendaGervais-Essamplaire-Collection1$21.00

Brenda Gervais - Essamplaire Petite Collection I.

BrendaGervais-Essamplaire-CollectionII, Sku:5594-BrendaGervais-Essamplaire-CollectionII$21.00

Brenda Gervais - Essamplaire Petite - Collection II.

BrendaGervais-EasterPeepParade, Sku:5595-BrendaGervais-EasterPeepParade$21.00

Brenda Gervais - Easter Peep Parade.

BrensdaGervais-FaithoftheHeart, Sku:5596-BrensdaGervais-FaithoftheHeart$21.00

Brenda Gervais - Faith of the Heart.

BrendaGervais-HeartandHand, Sku:5597-BrendaGervais-HeartandHand$21.00

Brenda Gervais - Heart & Hand.

BrendaGervais-TulipFestival, Sku:5598-BrendaGervais-TulipFestival$21.00

Brenda Gervais - Tulip Festival.

PlumStreet-HelloSpring, Sku:5599-PlumStreet-HelloSpring$17.50

Plum Street Samplers - Hello Spring.

NeedleBling-BlessOurFarm, Sku:5600-NeedleBling-BlessOurFarm$17.50

Needle Bling Designs - Bless Our Farm.

LHN-RedRoosterInn, Sku:5601-LHN-RedRoosterInn$14.95

Little House Needleworks - Red Rooster Inn (this is not a new chart for LHN, but it is for Stitcher's Place)

FrostedPumpkin-HelloSpring, Sku:5604-FrostedPumpkin-HelloSpring$11.50

Frosted Pumpkin - Hello Spring

CuoreBattic-PostoDellaFelicita, Sku:5605-CuoreBattic-PostoDellaFelicita$18.75

Cuore Batticuore - Il Posto della Felicita (Craft Room The perfect place for Happiness)

Magazine-SCC-Spring2017, Sku:5607-Magazine-SCC-Spring2017$12.95

Magazine - Stoney Creek Collection Spring 2017

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